Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three more sleeps ...

King Michael of Lanna brings his family & I hitch a ride

I've managed at last to wake up the sleeping Naga king and Queen Aho, Lady
Eleanor and myself King Michael of Lanna are aboard and winging our way
towards Helston.  Anyone else here in the antipodes need a lift?  Shout and
we'll swoop down and collect you...

This is for Eleanor and any other little girl known to us - when I was small, there were paper dolls which you could cut out, and dresses too with little tabs to fold over & hold them on.  This lovely blog is just what you need over Christmas Eleanor .  You might even find a party dress to come to the ball in! 

And Michael, this time I knew immediately what you were talking about - but the others might have forgotten, & I can't find a good picture - can you send one in please? 

Part of the 90 Mile Beach
 I've never been in a Naga Michael, so would it be too much trouble to zoom by East Gippsland?  I'll bring the laptop so I can continue the blog, and I'll be 'somewhere on the Ninety Mile Beach'.  I'll be waving a Cornish flag and practising the Furry Dance with my cat, Tom (he's very talented and picks things up easily).  Look for the footprints in the sand.  I've always wanted to meet your gorgeous daughter too and talk about In the Night Garden.

Cousin Jennie

King Michael replies:
Changed course... swooping down the Monaro Highway, over Cann River and along the Princes Highway to Lakes Entrance...  turn sharp right along noinety mile
beach and there you are!

There are seats up there along the Naga's back.  Don't worry, you won't fall off 'cos he is magical of course.  ;-)

Eleanor says sawaadee kaar. (Which, I discovered using the magical internet, means Hello in Thai!
ขอบคุณคุณเจ้าหญิงน้อย - that means thank you Little Princess - I think!!)OK, we better get a move on 'cos the festivities will be starting very soon...

Very Great Aunt Grace joins the party with Duchess Daft - welcome Very Great Aunt Grace!

Very Great Aunt Grace
Jennie, your party web site is delightful and I love your humorous choice of illustrations.  Very Great Aunt Grace is chuckling over the photo of Mistress Agnes - she thinks she herself is much sexier looking and will stand a better chance with John T. - unless Unvirtuous Lorna with all her jewels and that flirt HSE MaryPat manage to get there first!
(I think VGA Grace is right, such lovely eyes she has!)Me, I'm not in competition.  I'll just stay quietly in a corner with Nipper and Tuck and yearning for Butch Cassidy (alias Paul)to arrive and then I'll sit in front of him on his horse (there's still room for one on the back, if any one would care to jump on), and we'll sing Raindrops Are Falling on my Head. How about you, Jennie?
The party would not be complete without Paul - the others can have John, Paul is much more my line!  What a threesome we'll make!Merry Christmas, Duchess Daft

Janet & Mistress Agnes are rounding Bishop's Rock (we hope!)

I would like to place on record that Mistress Agnes (being 420) is the older of the two rowers on the blog.
We are now heading round Land's End in freezing fog. Even I'm at the home brew. We will certainly need warming up when we arrive in Helston. Mistress Agnes is trying to think of ways to snare herself a dancing partner. With competition like Very great aunt Grace what chance does she stand? Is that Bishop Rock Lighthouse I spy in the distance or is it the glow of one of the parrots' bare little bottoms?
Put your back into the rowing Mistress A I want to arrive in time to fashion a garland for the furry dancing.
Janet - somewhere near Bishop's Rock (do hope you stay clear of those rocks Janet, it look treacherous!  Wish you had that strong smuggler/pirate chap on board!)
Mistress Agnes is remarkable for her age ... must be all that comfrey.
Thanks for the pics Janet, I shall put them in the appropriate places!  Not THERE, silly!!

Catherine and the cats on board the Wyrm seen over Kynance Cove
How's this for an approximation of the Wyrm?  Wouldn't want to risk insulting it!

I suspect what you might be seeing is the fiery breath of the Wyrm.  We are finally approaching Lizard (oops, remember Albert's campaign to have the name changed to it's original, Lis Arth = High Fortress!) after a seriously roundabout trip as the two Beasts wanted to visit various cousins throughout the British Isles and the Wyrm wanted to visit some of his relatives in Brittany as well as the dragon who he claimed lived at Dozmary Pool!  Now we just have to visit the green dragon resident in the deepest cave at Kynance and then we can head for Helston.  The cats will be glad to get in out of the cold, and hope that some kind soul might have laid in some fish (no chips) for them - they feel too frail to go mousing.  The Wyrm is well fed on Breton sheep ( though I suspect he had hopes of a plump maiden or two - I averted my eyes!) so you don't have to worry!  From now on he will behave beautifully and is, as I recall a wonderful dancer as well as a mighty hunter.  Meanwhile I need to get indoors and thaw the tuba - whisky only goes so far as anti-freeze!

More from Catherine, our Wyrm-keeper

Likewise the Nunnington Wyrm is a friendly individual - he is so pleased to get out from under his hillside (where he has been hiding since about 1000 AD) that he is always on his best behaviour.  He only eats once a year and has just feasted in Brittany so presents absolutely no risk to anyone, human or avian.  The Beasts of Bodmin and Ryedale are mighty hunters but only of rodent pests (feathers give them indigestion!) so the parrots should be fine!


Couldn't find any feathers Lovely Lorna Lamorna, will this do?
Very easy to put on! 

Languid Lorna longing to loll in Blue Ballgown
As soon as the parrots heard about Wyrms, monsters and beasts they turned
around and high-tailed it for home. I am trying to drag them back through a thick fog. Albert where are you? Are you still hanging about in that river? 
Have you made it to the Atlantic Ocean yet?  And Geoff the Magnificent, I am so glad to hear that you have ditched the old Siwash sweater and will be togged out in gorgeous array for our splendid dance at the ball. I am still planning on a blue feathered ballroom dress ala Ginger Rogers. Anyone seen a Bluebird or 2 lately?
I expect that I am over Newfoundland hoping for a break in the fog...
YooHoo down below... anyone there?
Lost Lady Lorna of Lamorna

I dunno about Wyrms, but the Naga is a very friendly beast.  He protects the
Buddha and welcomes people to temples.  He may look a little scary but he is a
good friend.

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